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Green Gate is founded, designed and directed by Jarek and Dagmara Giercarz with invaluable help and support of Magda and Sylwester Borkowski. Together we have formed a core crew of the non – profit organization determined to rise peoples awareness to challenges of the modern world.

We truly believe it is important that countries, communities and individuals together join forces in one and the same purpose – living sustainably, responsibly, honestly and happily showing respect to the environment, tradition and leaving plenty of space for progress.

Green Gate embarked on a number of different projects. We are busy in eco-education for younger and elder, working for social and economical development of remote, highland, rural communities. We promote democracy and civil society values and we act pioneering effective ideas of cooperative to design and market the whole range of artisan products. We aim to turn them into valuable local specialties joining craft farmers and artists under the recognizable trademark of the local product.

We work on many fields, but we keep focused on one long term target – our common future on the Planet Earth. We are sure this future is open for everyone, also for those differently blessed. That is why we work closely with the Mentally Disabled Children School and Home Care Centre. We use modern, innovative methods of adventure pedagogy with a great success, interest of authorities and lot of joy among the pupils.

Whatever we do we responsibly care of the sustainable development. We often say that sustainability is just like a tasty dish. All ingredients must be there and none should be omitted. Each society consists of every age – from children to the elderly. We activate voluntaries, search for advice and ask for opinion among them all and we integrate all ages’ and races’ skills under the Green Gate banner for the common good.



Green Gate is especially proud and dedicated to our very important flagship project : The Academy of Sustainable Living.

Many recognize that there is a need for places where one can “slow ones’ life”, reflect on oneself and the present moment in a simple, peaceful surrounding, respecting other people and Mother Nature.

In 2013 Jarek and Dagmara have invested all savings for Green Gate, purchased and took care of 10 acre of mountain meadow in south-west Poland with the purpose of building and running an Academy of Sustainable Living, an eco-centre. Property is surrounded by forests and is a home to wild boars, deer, foxes and hares, as well as various species of birds and butterflies. One can even taste wild strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, which are so much sweeter than their cultivated cousins, and plenty of forest mushrooms of course!

We are sure the Academy of Sustainable Living is a perfect setting for workshops, courses and seminars on renewable energy sources, eco-awareness as well as a centre for retreats and sabbatical stays close to nature. Some of the workshops will cover the practical use of green energy, others will concentrate on making your own soaps, shampoos and creams from plants and herbs from our garden. Foraging, preserving, cookery, cheese and bread making courses will supplement our programs.

“Green Gate” will also be an ideal base for a whole range of activities such as hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, fishing, bird watching and more. Nobody could be bored, even in winter there will be skiing on the nearby slopes followed by a hog roast, bonfire and a sledge ride by torchlight.

“Green Gate” wants to cooperate closely with the local communities, businesses and authorities to spread the word about how easy it is to have a greener lifestyle, simply by living with nature, not against it. We will actively promote and support ideas and activities aiming to make our planet a better, greener place.

The building itself is already well-advanced. As you can see on the photos at the “Galeria” folder, not much is needed for it to be operational. We strongly believe we can do a Grand Opening for Christmas 2016.



We do believe you share our concerns about the future of our planet, so please, get involved.

We dedicated last fifteen years and all our savings to the project but that is not enough.

We need your support to make it work. All support is welcome, no matter how big or small.

Should you pray for us you do not need any contact details – please do it and it shall help – we trust so strongly.

To help us with your skills and bare hands – call us and that may be just the right idea for a holiday (of course no fee for board and loggings is charged).

It’s simple to help us monetarily and we need it as much as any other form of help and support.

All Green Gate money matters are dealt with and accounted by Jaroslaw (Jarek) Giercarz – Treasurer of Green Gate.

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Account holder: Jaroslaw Giercarz

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